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Case Study


Amnesty International - Branch Office Management with OneConfig

Amnesty International Australia is an organisation focused on promoting and defending human rights in Australia and around the world. They have grown from around 100,000 active supporters in 2010, to over half a million Australians who do something to further the cause of human rights every year. A key factor in this huge growth has been their investment in Juniper technologies that support the way the organisation operates.

Amnesty’s fleet of 20+ Juniper Networks SRX and EX Series devices has provided enormous value to the organisation, giving them more flexibility than ever before in the networking space. However, they needed a management solution that matched this flexibility.

Business Challenge

Amnesty’s ability to support their network was under threat due to a lack of detailed visibility of their security devices. In addition, their senior engineer, the only one with Junos skills, was under pressure to handle all Juniper work so they needed a way to get the rest of the team involved in day-to-day management.

“We standardised on Juniper Networks devices for our branch and office equipment because of its technical excellence and stability.” said Amnesty’s Information Systems Manager Brad Anderson. “Our Juniper network is critical to the operation of our organisation and I was concerned about our awareness of security threats and our ability to manage the environment across the team.” reported Anderson. “We had to find a way to get detailed visibility of our firewalls and empower the whole team to manage them.” he continued.

The Solution

So when Amnesty’s integration partner introduced them to OneConfig’s SaaS based Juniper Management platform they decided to take a closer look. OneConfig’s Technical Director Martyn Lomax recalls, “We deployed OneConfig in a matter of hours and within a short time the Amnesty team had visibility of their firewalls and were able to manage them with a browser.”

Amnesty connected all their Juniper devices to OneConfig and created accounts for its engineers. This centralised all their network details, providing a single login to access all devices and detailed AppSecure reporting.

OneConfig solved our skills and security visibility issues in one hit – now we know exactly what’s happening on our network and we can manage it using a browser from wherever we are. Our organsation can continue with their important work and we know we can provide them with the service they need to operate effectively.” Anderson commented.