AppSecure is now free - manage it with OneConfig

Great news for Juniper customers! Juniper has made AppSecure free for the first year on most SRX devices. The AppSecure suite delivers security threat visibility, enforcement, control, and protection over the network. And OneConfig's cloud-based management platform can help you manage it.

If you are new to Junos and/or AppSecure, or just want to simplify your day-to-day management, sign up for a trial account now. You can be managing your Juniper devices with a browser in a matter of minutes -

We've just added a whole pile of new features to OneConfig - some big, some small. The image below shows a small icon next to 'srx1440' indicating that this is a Cluster or Virtual Chassis. Small feature but very useful. You can also find the serial numbers for your cluster in the device details popup. 

A few of our customers have asked us recently for the ability to export device lists and security policies to spreadsheet. We love getting feedback like this, and those two new features were added within a week.

Here are some other features we added this week:

- Remote Junos upgrade (only for managed service providers subscribers for now)

- Various UI updates and field validation:

   - added expand/collapse all security policy context containers

   - added cluster/virtual chassis device icon

   - custom application field validations

If you've been following OneConfig's progress this year you've probably noticed how quickly our product is maturing. We couldn't be happier with the way things are going and we love contributing to the Juniper community. But we especially like hearing your feedback so please feel free to contact me -

By Andrew Hill (