Challenges in Managing Campus and Branch Networks in 2014

(This blog first appeared as a guest spot on Juniper's Partner Watch Blog.)

Maintaining reliable and secure campus and branch networks is vital to many organizations, so it is no surprise that IT and Network Managers around the world trust Juniper EX and SRX Series devices in their business environments. With the ever increasingly competitive business environment, IT departments are finding themselves under intense pressure to do more with less, and reducing network operating costs is a great way for them to help organizations get an edge over their competition.

 So how do you maintain your network when skilled Junos staff are already fully utilized? Adding to your capability by buying a network management platform, with all the associated hardware, software and training costs, is often beyond the budget of many organizations. However, business demands for fast, around-the-clock support for national or global networks must be addressed. 

Making time for senior resources to work on high value tasks by handing off simpler day-to-day tasks to junior staff is important. However this can only happen if junior staff have the right skills and/or tools to enable them to manage the network securely and effectively. So how can all these challenges be met?

Improving the management of campus and branch networks can be achieved in a number of ways.

  1. Start with a good base - ensure that the design of the core network adequately supports the campus and branch environments.
  2. Empower junior staff by training them to confidently take on day-to-day tasks like VLAN changes, enable/disable ports and add/remove/reorder firewall policies.
  3. Good management tools that are easy to use and cost effective to own can make all the difference. For example, take a look at the cloud-based Juniper management tool from OneConfig.
  4. Keep things simple and standardized by using templates for similar devices and a standard naming convention across device names, VLANs and interfaces.
OC Overview Diagram.png

Juniper products for campus and branch environments are reliable, feature-rich and great value for money. With the right planning, training and tools the on-going management of those environments can be performed to meet ALL your business challenges.

About OneConfig

OneConfig is a Juniper Technology Alliance Partner and we are passionate about building intuitive network management systems. OneConfig’s cloud-based solution ensures IT generalists with little or no Junos experience can manage EX and SRX Series devices, from anywhere in the world, freeing up senior resources to work on higher value tasks. For more information about OneConfig, or for a product demonstration, please contact Andrew Hill, Co-founder/Director at For a free trial please sign-up at