Free Cloud-Managed Switch Offer from Juniper Networks and Avnet Australia

Juniper Networks and Avnet Australia have team up with OneConfig to deliver a free cloud-managed switch offer to Australian customers.

Under this offer, which is available now, every customer buying Juniper Networks EX Series Switches through Avnet Australia will automatically get a free 12 month subscription to OneConfig’s cloud-based management solution.

OneConfig, a Juniper Technology Alliance Partner, has developed a true multi-tenanted, cloud-based Juniper switch management solution, allowing Juniper customers to:

  • Make configuration changes, even without knowledge of Junos®

  • Monitor devices and send alerts if devices go offline

  • Collect performance metrics and display them in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly based graphs.

Built from the ground up to include multi-tenancy support, OneConfig also allows Managed Service Providers to share secure, controlled access to devices with clients. Utilising a subscription license model, OneConfig simplifies operations, providing a single dashboard via a browser to manage Juniper EX and/or SRX switches across any number of distributed locations and networks

In an era where IT departments are being asked to do more with less, adding cloud-based management to Juniper switches is a great way to simplify network operations and improve service delivery.

OneConfig’s solution helps Juniper Partners sell Juniper devices by lowering the skills barrier required by the customer’s staff to manage and operate them. Cloud-based management also removes the necessity to run in-house management platforms, another cost and efficiency saving for the customer. And once customers start enjoying the benefits of cloud-managed Juniper devices, they are more likely to buy Juniper when expanding or refreshing  their network, thus generating additional run-rate business for Partners.

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