Incredibly Simple Juniper Configuration Management

When you press the brake pedal in your car, the vehicle stops. Simple, right? But what happens behind the scenes is far from simple. The brake pedal activates a hydraulic piston that forces brake fluid down various pipes to the brake calipers at each wheel. Cylinders within the calipers force the brake pads onto the brake disk. Anti Braking System sensors on each wheel feed information back to the central computer which responds to regulate how much each wheel brakes. That’s how modern cars stop so effectively, and it saves lives.

When we implemented Configuration Management into the latest release of OneConfig’s Juniper cloud-based management platform we made it as simple as possible - one tick box to activate.

When you tick this box your configurations are being managed, it’s that simple. What happens behind the scenes is a little more complex. We build our platform so that managing Juniper devices is really easy. You don’t need to know Junos CLI if you use OneConfig, and you don’t need to know about the underlying complexity that delivers such simplicity. We might not be saving lives but we certainly make them simpler!

OneConfig’s automatic configuration backup ensures that you can quickly recover from a device failure.

Of course, OneConfig also allows users to view the current configuration and compare it to any of the previous (up to) 49 configurations on that device. So tracking what changes were made and who made them can be done with a few clicks in a browser.

If you haven’t used OneConfig before why not sign up for a free 30-day trial (no credit card required) now and see how easy it is to manage EX, SRX and vSRX devices. Sign up at

By Andrew Hill (