DHCP, VLAN Ranges, Aggregated Ethernet and More

OneConfig, the cloud-based management platform for Juniper devices, recently released Version 1.8.10 of their product. This new version includes important updates to our Interface Management features, a brand new feature for DHCP Management, a number of subtle improvements to the overall User Interface and multiple minor security feature updates. 

Juniper’s SRX is such a popular choice for a branch gateway device, and when you look at the capability of these devices and the great value they represent it is no surprise why this is the case. DHCP is a feature that many of our customers use in their remote offices so adding DHCP Management was a high priority on our product roadmap.

Another big change we’ve made is to combine the previously separate functions for VLAN and Interfaces. Now when you enter Interface configuration mode you will also have the VLAN configuration functions right there. Another important addition is support for Aggregated Interfaces on EX Switches.

As the screenshot shows, we’ve also added features for managing Ranges alongside Interfaces and VLANs. Like all OneConfig features, Interface, VLAN and Ranges Management has been designed to be intuitively easy to use so that all engineers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience of Junos, can manage Juniper devices using just a browser.


Other new additions include:

  • new protocol to destination NAT rules

  • more validations in NAT rules

  • a swathe of UI improvements

  • serial number store and view on device connect

  • more trunk interface add/edit functions

  • policies, zones and custom applications data collection and view optimisations

“With the Juniper-Avnet Cloud-Managed Switch promotion currently running, where anyone buying a new EX Switch receives a free 12 month subscription to OneConfig, we wanted to ensure that switch management functionality was comprehensive.” said Andrew Hill, OneConfig Director. “Juniper equipment is extremely robust and feature rich, and great value too. OneConfig’s goal is to make it as easy to use as possible so more companies can realise the benefit of using this extremely well engineered equipment.”

Here’s a link to the Juniper-Avnet Cloud-Managed Switch promotion - http://www.avnet.com.au/updates/index.cfm?KEY=z1vL38DRCv5NnWc

Take a look at our 2 minute video to get an overview of OneConfig’s capabilities - www.oneconfig.com/overview-video