Effective SRX Demonstrations in a Competitive Market

If your job involves selling Juniper SRX Gateways in the Enterprise market then you already know some fundamental truths about Next Generation firewall sales:

  • The SRX is a great piece of technology; equal or better than its competitors.

  • Demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the SRX to customers is really difficult.

  • Competitors usually do a better job of selling their equipment.

Why is it hard to demonstrate the SRX in a customer’s network? The main problem is providing the customer with detailed reporting that describes just how effective the SRX is at detecting and mitigating threats. While competitors equipment have built in mechanisms to collect and report on their devices’ performance, the Juniper SRX does not. In order to generate equivalent reporting of AppSecure features, Sales Engineers need to bring in a host of tools - Space, Log Collector, Spotlight Connector, Sky ATP.

FIrewall Evaluation Cartoon.png

Some of the team at OneConfig previously worked at Juniper and experienced this problem first hand. That’s why we developed our cloud-based Application and Network Risk (ANR) Report - it solves this problem.

Simply install the demonstration SRX into the customer network, connect it to OneConfig’s remote platform and leave it in place for a week or two. The SRX can be placed L2 inline (secure-wire), L2 with switch mirror/span ports, or even L3 inline. (Click here for more details about our ANR Report service.)

At the end of the evaluation OneConfig generates a compelling, colorful report that you can use to help win the deal. (Click here for a sample ANR Report.)

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Andrew (andrew@oneconfig.com)