Partnering with Juniper to Build a Demo Aid for Effective Next-Generation Firewall Evaluations

What is the most effective way to convert customers to Juniper’s next-generation firewall platform? Show them! 

As a Juniper Technology Alliance partner, we've developed a demo aid that Juniper channel partners can employ that demonstrates how Juniper Networks® SRX Series Services Gateways for the branch will strengthen security.  

Juniper partners know and appreciate the capabilities and benefits that the SRX Series brings to any network. However, conveying that message to customers can be challenging. Simply telling customers about the product only gets you only so far. Actually showing customers the clear and present risks in their own environment, and demonstrating how the SRX Series detects and deals with these risks, is a compelling sales aid. So what is the best approach for setting up and running an SRX Series evaluation session?

In high-end environments where large SRX Series gateways are deployed in data centers and core networks, using a comprehensive tool like Juniper Secure Analytics is advisable. But in branch and campus environments, where smaller SRX Series devices are used, the JSA Series approach may not be feasible. However, customers still need to be shown compelling evidence of the SRX Series’ effectiveness. Implementing an SRX Series gateway into the customer’s environment is a fairly simple procedure, but producing a detailed and persuasive report at the end of the evaluation is challenging. Short of manually collecting and analyzing logs, the options for partners are limited.

An alternative option has been developed by OneConfig with assistance from Juniper Australia and Sydney-based Juniper Professional Services partner, Crystal Echo. In this approach, the Juniper partner deploys the SRX Series into the customer environment and adds a few configuration lines to securely connect the device to OneConfig’s cloud-based management platform. During the evaluation period, OneConfig collects real-time security and application usage data from the SRX Series device and stores it in its database. At the end of the evaluation, OneConfig generates a report in an easy-to-read format featuring relevant graphs, charts, and tables that highlight how effective the SRX Series has been.

Whether customers already use Juniper routing and switching devices, or are completely new to Juniper, effective evaluations are the ideal way to convert them to Juniper’s powerful next-generation firewalls. Contact me for more information about how you can use our demo tool. Good selling!


ABOUT OneConfig

OneConfig is a Juniper Technology Alliance partner and is passionate about building intuitive network management systems. OneConfig’s browser-based solution ensures that IT generalists with little or no Juniper Networks Junos® operating system experience can manage Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches and SRX Series devices from anywhere in the world. OneConfig is 100% Juniper focused and only makes products for Junos OS devices. For further information about OneConfig, or to request a product demonstration, please e-mail me at Andrew Hill

About Crystal Echo

Crystal Echo is a Juniper Networks Professional Services Specialist (PSS) and Juniper Networks Authorised Education Partner (JNAEP) with more than 10 years experience working with Juniper Networks. Crystal Echo consultants have deep experience with Juniper Networks products and technologies gained from working on some of the largest, most complex networks in Australia.