Multi device configuration update

From time to time it is necessary to make the same configuration change to many devices in your network. If you run a fleet of EX Switches you may find yourself having to add a new VLAN across the network. Perhaps you are moving to a new DNS provider, or you are changing your NTP settings.

Whatever the reason, making  the same configuration change to a large number of devices can be tiresome.

OneConfig has recently released version 1.23.0 of our cloud-based service, and in there you will find our new Multi Device Update (MDU) feature. MDU lets you use Junos config or set commands to configure devices. Once the commands are in place,  select some or all device, click UPDATE and away you go.



OneConfig checks the commands for syntax errors, then produces a real time log of changes. At the end of the change it generates a report that can also be downloaded as a PDF, listing successful updates, updates with issues and failed updates. 

Looks like you'll be finishing work early today!

By Andrew Hill