Managed Service Provider Reduces Costs and Delights Customers with Juniper-OneConfig Solution

(This article first appeared on Juniper Networks Partner Watch blog)

An Australian managed service provider (MSP) delivers managed virtual networks to its customers using a variety of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in their customers’ remote offices.  Some CPE devices are Juniper SRX Gateways, while others are devices from alternative equipment vendors. Their approach to managing all these CPE devices had been to employ experienced engineers who configured the devices via Command Line Interface (CLI). While widely used throughout the industry, using CLI to configure and manage devices is a costly way to manage networks because it requires skilled resources to make even simple changes.

Previously, when customers contacted the MSP to request a change to their devices, they would wait hours while the change request was logged by the customer service engineer, forwarded to a senior engineer for attention and, finally, completed. Apart from continually involving expensive senior resources, the delays were also frustrating to customers.

In early 2015, the MSP began using OneConfig’s cloud-based management platform to configure and manage its Juniper SRX Gateways. OneConfig – which is exclusively for Junos® devices - is designed for day-to-day management tasks such as interface configuration, managing security policies, editing VLANs, and configuring NAT rules. Because OneConfig's platform is a multi-tenanted solution, the MSP was able to see and manage all its customers’ CPE devices from a single web interface. Additionally, OneConfig’s simple workflows are designed to be used by junior engineers with no Junos® experience, which enabled the MSP to hand-off most day-to-day changes from its senior engineers to its customer service engineers.

When CLI was replaced by OneConfig’s intuitive web interface, the impact to customers was immediate and significant. Whereas before they may have waited hours, changes now happen while they are on the phone. Customer service engineers who answer customer calls can use OneConfig to safely and securely view customers’ devices and make changes immediately. The customers are delighted, the customer service engineers are empowered, and the senior engineers are free to work on higher value tasks.

On the strength of this success, the MSP is planning to consolidate its mixed-vendor fleet of CPE devices and standardize on Juniper SRX Gateways for all its CPE devices.