Multi Tenant Firewall

Over the last 6 - 9 months, as our platform has matured, we've been working with more and more managed service providers (and some really big telcos!). They like the fact that we simplify operations, lower costs and help them improve their customer service on Juniper-based offerings. We like the fact that they manage 100s and 1,000s of devices and buy loads of licenses :)

One thing we kept hearing from them was, "When are you going to support virtual router firewall instances on SRX?". Using SRX VR firewalls to deliver customer services is really useful e.g. Internet gateways hosted in a data centre. This works well when there are small numbers of VRs on a host. But when those numbers grow the configuration on the host becomes very complex and hard to manage, making business scalability expensive. That's why they wanted us to support this capability.

So this week we launched our Multi Tenant Firewall feature set. Now Service Providers can not only manage the host SRX through OneConfig, they can now provision and manage VR instances using our intuitive portal. Services can be assigned to tenants and viewed as a simple, logical service. Engineers can edit the VR zones, policies and NAT as if it were a stand-alone device.

[Here's a link to a 2 minute video

Now Service Providers can scale their business by simplifying management to lower costs with a reduced reliance on senior engineers with CLI skills.

What's more, OneConfig's web-based portal also allows Service Providers to offer their customers a self manage option - no Junos skills required.

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