Why setting a rescue configuration is so important

The stability and health of your Juniper devices is extremely important for your network. If a device goes down for some reason it could impact your business' ability to service your customers and run normal business operations.

A big focus area for OneConfig is giving users greater visibility of the health of your devices and some tools around that to ensure you can recover from issues.

One of the simplest things you can do to protect your Juniper devices from downtime is by setting the rescue configuration. Rescue configuration is a "last known good" state that allows you to return to operation after a failure using the reset config button on the front of your device.

OneConfig tells you when your device does not have the rescue configuration set and we even give you the option to set it right there and then with a simple click.

What other alarms would you like us to warn you about? Let us know: info@oneconfig.com or http://twitter.com/oneconfig.