Scenario: Retail Chain Simplifies Branch Office Management

An Australian retail chain with around 300 stores across Australia uses Juniper Networks devices in all its branches. The IT Manager has a small team and together they manage all IT infrastructure and systems within the business. Collectively they are skilled across multiple IT disciplines, including networks, security, servers, desktops, operating systems, applications and storage.

While Juniper equipment was chosen for its reliability, performance and feature rich capability, only the IT Manager had strong Junos skills. As a result, any Juniper devices requiring commissioning, provisioning or troubleshooting need his attention. Because the branch offices are mission critical to the organisation, he regularly needs to drop what he is doing to deal with branch office network tasks.

After a trial managing three of devices for free on OneConfig’s web-hosted Juniper management platform the IT manager decided to move his entire Juniper fleet of SRX and EX devices onto OneConfig. In a few hours all his devices were manageable online.

OneConfig’s platform uses built-in Junos features to allow devices to make a secure call-home connection that works automatically through NAT and over the Internet. The intuitive interface ensures that people without Junos skills can easily and effectively perform day-to-day management of devices. Access to devices managed by OneConfig can be done securely using just a browser from anywhere in the world.

As a result, the IT Manager's entire IT team can now manage the Juniper branch offices, allowing them to deal effectively with business critical situations. Importantly, the IT Manager has freed up valuable hours to focus on strategic projects. And because OneConfig is a web-based subscription service, the IT Manager pays nothing up front, just a low on-going monthly fee for as long as he uses the service.