Usage and Billing Report for Switch Ports

OneConfig has created a new feature aimed at simplifying the management of bandwidth usage and billing in large switch port environments. This new feature delivers a regular report (daily/weekly/monthly) containing detailed bandwidth usage across all switch ports in a managed Juniper environment. 

The background to this solution: A OneConfig customer running ISP services in multi-tenant dwellings needed a way to report on bandwidth usage of their network. With Juniper EXs on every floor of multi level buildings, each apartment is connected to the network via a dedicated switch port. The challenge the customer faced was identifying which apartments were consuming excessive bandwidth and thereby causing quality issues for other users.

They wanted a simple way to report on the usage so they could identify these heavy consumers, and restrict them or bill them for excess usage.

OneConfig's bandwidth utilisation report delivers visibility of usage across all their switch ports within their Juniper EX and SRX fleet, with daily and weekly reports. Reports are delivered automatically via email as CSV files. The ISP Administrators can easily scan and search the files, then take action to warn the users, or use the data for input into their billing system.

If you need a simple way to track and bill for switch port usage on your Juniper network, please contact me for details.

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