Network Address Translation (NAT) added in OneConfig Version 1.8

OneConfig, the cloud-based management platform for Juniper devices, recently released Version 1.8 of their product. This new version includes a number of minor updates and one major new feature - NAT Management.

Configuring Source and Destination NAT rules, and setting up NAT Pools, are common network management tasks. Like all OneConfig features, NAT Management has been designed to be intuitively easy to use so that all engineers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience of Junos®, can manage Juniper devices using just a browser.

“The development of this feature has really been driven by several of our key customers,” said Andrew Hill, OneConfig Director. “They are using OneConfig to hand off more and more tasks to junior engineers, and having NAT management in place is an important step forward for that process.”

The new feature includes:

  • Source and Destination Rulesets - view, edit, create, delete and reorder

  • NAT Pools - view, edit, create and delete

OneConfig is focused on providing Enterprises and Managed Service Providers with practical tools for managing Juniper devices. Adding NAT Management extends the growing capability of OneConfig’s platform.

“We are excited to release this function to our customers, “  Andrew Hill added. “We’ve recently expanded our Development Team and we are expecting this to be the first of many new features to our product over the next few months.”