Juniper Management for Enterprises

Simplify management, lower operations costs, improve service.

OneConfig pulls all your Juniper EX and SRX devices together in one place. Make configuration changes, view performance statistics, check OS versions from anywhere. 

Two Minute Overview Video

This short video shows how easy it is to configure and managed Juniper devices using OneConfig's intuitively simple interface.


Reduce complexity, be inclusive.

At OneConfig, we believe everyone in the IT team should be able to manage Juniper devices, not just Junos experts. So we make everything simple and intuitive. Now Juniper changes can be made by anyone in the team and your Juniper expert can focus on higher value tasks.

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Lower your operating costs.

Running networks can be costly - OneConfig helps lower those costs. We reduce your reliance on expert Juniper resources. And our management solution is delivered over the web so you don't need to buy hardware and software, or worry about maintenance. 


Trusted and secure.

Security is our primary focus. Connections between your devices and our service are initiated from your network and are highly secure (SSH). Our system always treats your device as the master source of configuration information. Your engineers manage your devices via our website using the same secure technology (256-bit SSL) used for Internet banking. Using our service won’t interfere with any other management systems or methods that you use. 


Supported Devices.

OneConfig support all major Juniper Networks SRX Firewalls, Juniper Networks vSRX and Juniper Networks EX Switches.



  • All SRX Series
  • All vSRX devices



  • All EX Series

Agent-less. Multi-tenanted. NAT.

You don't need to install additional software or agents to use OneConfig. Everything your device needs is already built into Junos. You don't need to configure NAT either - OneConfig works automatically through it. OneConfig is designed to support multi-tenancy so you can securely manage many environments, customers and/or networks from a single administrator interface. You can even share read only access to other users.

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Supported features.

We add new features to OneConfig on a regular basis. Here are some of the features we support today:

  • Security Policies - view, edit, create, clone, reorder, delete
  • Security Zones/Address Books/Applications - view, edit, create, delete
  • AppSecure Reports - AppTrack, IDP, Web Filtering and more
  • NAT - view, edit, create, delete, reorder
  • NAT Easy Wizard - destination NAT + Policy
  • DHCP Pools - view, edit, create, delete
  • DHCP bindings - view bindings and vendor ID
  • Packet Capture
  • Commit Confirm support
  • Interfaces, Aggregated Ethernet - view, edit, enable/disable, create
  • Bulk Update - configure groups of devices in one action
  • Up/down alerts - email or SNMP
  • Alarms - notification of device alarms, autocorrect options (on some alarms)
  • License tracking - view licenses, expiry notification, online trial license request
  • Configuration Backup
  • Commits and Configuration Audit
  • Performance Graphs - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
  • VLANs, VLAN Ranges - view, edit, create, delete
  • Users levels - admin, user, read only
  • Device details - view and verify OS