Features Overview

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View all your devices, see their hostnames, descriptions, network addresses, models and status. The dashboard is where you start from and it gives you access to all the other features and tabs.

Security policies and zones

View all your security policies and zones in a clear, clean interface. Here you can edit existing policies and zones, create new ones and re-order policies with a simple drag-and-drop.

network address translation (NAT)

The NAT function allows you to view all your source and destination rules, and NAT Pools. Create new rules and pools with easy one-page workflows. Our NAT Easy function makes adding destination rules with corresponding firewall policies incredibly simple.


Managing DHCP is easy with OneConfig. View, edit, delete and create pools. View bindings.

Real time performance graphs

Real time visibility of the key metrics on your device help you understand what's happening on your network.

application and network risk reports

Generate on-demand reports to see details of your AppTrack, IDP, Web Filtering and UTM functions where licensed and configured on your SRX or vSRX.

licenses, alarms and actions

OneConfig tracks  your licenses and warns you when they are coming up for expiry. Device alarms are displayed, and actions to resolve them offered.

interfaces, vlans and ranges

View, search and edit all your interfaces. Create and edit VLANs and Ranges, and much more.

commits and config backup

Configuration backup and full visibility of changes to your devices. See who configured what and when.

bulk device update

Make changes across multiple devices in one easy action. Accompanying reports show detailed update results.


Add, delete and view users. Assign roles and privileges. 

settings tab

Control the way OneConfig manages your devices, and what data it collects from them.

multi tenant firewall

Simplified management of SRX virtual router instances. Logically separated views with shared administrative control.


Select an interface, capture and view packets in near real time. Awesome for troubleshooting.


Automated commit confirm capability, never worry about cutting off your access to a device again.


It takes less than a minute to connect a device to OneConfig.


Detailed information about your Juniper assets. Plus a simple way to upgrade the Junos operating system.


OneConfig's hierarchical structure lets you add multiple sub-tenants and manage them from a single interface.

SRX Evaluation Reports

Create compelling SRX evaluation reports for prospects. Customise reports to include customer name and logo.

(Available to Juniper SEs and Partners only.)

SOftware distribution

Distribute Junos images or multi vendor VNF apps (for NFX) to one or many devices quickly and easily. Upgrade 100s of devices with minimal effort.