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Commits and Configuration Backup


The 'Commits' tab, accessed from the 'System and Monitoring' menu, provides a list of commits on the device. Each commit is listed (up to 50) and information displayed includes sequence number, user, client (method used to make the configuration change), timestamp and optional log message. Log messages for commits done via OneConfig can be customised within the 'Settings' tab.

Using the 'Action' menu users can view the details of each commit and compare a commit to the previous commit i.e. show what was added or removed by this commit.

Using the 'Action' menu for commit sequence 0 users are given the option of viewing the commit or viewing the entire configuration.

When using the commit compare option users are shown the sections of the configuration that were edited. The '+' symbol at the start of a line indicates an addition, while the '-' symbol indicates a removal.

Configuration backup

OneConfig can be setup to automatically backup your device's configuration. When this feature is enabled OneConfig makes periodic checks on the device (hourly). If the configuration is newer than the one it currently has stored, it replaces the stored file with the new file. This ensures that you can always recover to the last known configuration if your device fails.

Configuration backup can be enabled via the 'Show Device Details' menu option from the Dashboard view, or set universally for all your devices via the 'Settings' tab.