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Device Details and JUNOS Upgrade

The 'Device Details' option is located in the 'Action' menu for each devices. This feature allows users to view the low level details gathered from their device, and change settings specific to that device.



The Device Details page provides the following details and options for the device being viewed:

  • Hostname - displays the devices hostname
  • Model - displays the Juniper model details
  • IP - displays the public IP of the network the device is using to connect to OneConfig (not the devices IP address)
  • Last connected - timestamp of the last connection the device made to OneConfig
  • Category - firewall or switch
  • Serial number - the unique serial number for that device
  • Software Release - the version of Junos the device is running. An indicator (amber in the example above) shows that the device is not running the recommended version of Junos as specified and listed on Juniper's website.
  • Upgrade - button to initiate a JUNOS Operating System update, see below for instructions on using this feature
  • Description - field to describe the device
  • Alarm email address - enter an email address that will receive email alerts when device changes from online to offline status and vice versa
  • Trap receiver and Community - enter an IP address of an SNMP trap receiver and its community string where traps will be sent when device changes from online to offline status and vice versa
  • Metric collection - instructs OneConfig to collect performance metrics (CPU, memory, etc.) for real time performance graphs
  • Trend collection - instructs OneConfig to collect trend information about the organisation and usage of the platform for reporting via a regular email update to the Administrator (future feature)
  • Security collection - instructs OneConfig to collect security related metrics e.g. AppTrack, IDP, UTM, etc. for display in the ANR Reports section
  • Config backup - instructs OneConfig to check for configuration updates and to store a copy of the latest configuration file
  • Show configlet - displays the configuration lines that are added to the device to instruct it to connect to OneConfig


JUNOS Operating System Upgrade

Follow the 2-step instructions below to use the Junos Upgrade feature.

Step 1 - Setup software url

To use the Junos Upgrade button users must first setup a local URL for the device to contact to retrieve the operating system upgrade file. The Software Upgrade URL is configured in 'Settings' under the 'Software' tab. Enter the URL details as shown in the example above.

step 2 - perform upgrade

With the Software URL in place, click the 'Upgrade' button in 'Device Details'. As per the example above, select the appropriate Software URL from the dropdown list for the device you are upgrading. Tick the 'Reboot' box if you want the device to restart after the upgrade.

Warning: upgrading devices can be problematic so heed the warnings listed.