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Licenses, Alarms and Actions


OneConfig makes the management of licenses on Juniper devices really easy. We track all licenses applied to each device and present the details in an easy-to-read list (see below.) At a glance you can view the license name, description, license status and expiry date.


License expiry warning threshold (set within the 'Settings' tab) indicated when OneConfig will issue a warning. When a threshold is breached an alarm icon will be displayed next to the device in the Dashboard view.

You can update licenses, and request trial licenses, from Juniper directly from OneConfig. If you have recently purchased or renewed a feature license, using the 'Update Licenses' function will initiate OneConfig to check Juniper's License Management System (LMS) and apply any available licenses to your device. Likewise, the 'Request Trial License'  will check for and activate any available trial licenses for your device. Note: trial licenses cannot be used more than once on the same device.

Alarms and Actions

The 'Alarms' tab, located within the 'System and Monitoring' menu, shows a list of alarms present on a device. Alarms are classified (minor, major), there is a description provided including type e.g. chassis, configuration.


OneConfig provides an 'Action' menu for each alarm. This menu presents an 'Action' to rectify the alarm. For example, for the scenario where no rescue config is set, OneConfig has an action available to set the rescue config. Not all alarms have actions yet, but we regularly add new ones.

The 'Actions' tab presents a list of available options for the device. Importantly it allows you to undo previous actions e.g. delete rescue configuration.