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Real Time Performance Graphs

OneConfig polls devices every 5 minutes to collect performance metrics. These are stored in our database and made available to users via the Action > System and Monitoring menu option. Two tabs are displayed: System Performance Graphs; and Interface Graphs.


The image above displays a System and Environmental graph displayed using the 'weekly' view. This view can be changed to 'hourly', 'daily' and 'monthly' too. By hovering your mouse over a specific point in the graph triggers additional information to be displayed giving exact timestamp and metric information. Clicking on the items below the graph (temperature, memory and CPU) adds/removes the metric from the graph.

In the Interface Graphs tab a list of all interfaces is shown. You can alter the content of all these graphs by using the options above the graph, including the Period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) and the Filter (unit, connected, all). Changing this option affects all graphs on the page.

Interface graphs can be accessed directly from the Interface view (Action menu > Interfaces/VLANs).