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Settings Tab

The Settings tab is where you control the way OneConfig manages your devices. It gives you options relating to metric collection, audit reporting, configuration backup, license expiry warnings and commit confirm usage.

Settings tab controls how new devices added to your system are treated. Individual device settings can be configured using the 'Show device details' in the Action menu from the Dashboard.


The list below describes each of the settings options available:

  • Custom commit message - the custom commit message is used within the 'Commits' tab for commits performed via OneConfig
  • OneConfig username in commit message - also used within the 'Commits' tab, this adds the user email address to the commit message to make it clear who made changes to a device
  • Metric collection - instructs OneConfig to collect performance metrics (CPU, memory, interfaces,etc.) for real time performance graphs
  • Trend collection - instructs OneConfig to collect trend information about the organisation, users and usage of the platform for reporting via a regular email update to the Administrator (future feature) 
  • Security collection - instructs OneConfig to collect security related metrics e.g. AppTrack, IDP, UTM, etc. for display in the ANR Reports section
  • Config backups - instructs OneConfig to check for configuration updates and to store a copy of the latest configuration file
  • License expiry warning - instructs OneConfig to check for license expiry and to notify the user via Dashboard icons and/or via the Action menu > System and Monitoring 
  • Commit confirm - instructs OneConfig to perform automated commit confirm to all configuration updates