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Creating Sub-Tenants

Managing more than one network or organisation is a common task for managed service providers (MSPs). OneConfig allows you to setup multiple tenants below your organisation and manage them using a single administrator account. You can create users within the tenants to support a federated administrative model, or you can give customers a read-only view of their environment so they can see device details, performance graphs and reports but not change any configuration.


When using the multi tenant version of OneConfig, the dashboard view changes to include at-a-glance information about the tenants in the environment. This includes tenant names, devices and service counts, and user information.

Tenant environments can be accessed by clicking on the tenant name from the list displayed.



Add a new tenant

To add a new tenant simply click on the 'Add Tenant' button. Give the new tenant a unique name and click OK. From there you will be taken to the tenant environment where you can add users and devices.