Multi Tenant Firewall Management

Radically simplified configuration and management of SRX virtual router firewall instances. Reduce operations costs and improve customer service.

Juniper Networks SRX Series advanced virtual router (VR) capability allows Service Providers to configure virtual instances on devices to provide secure services to multiple customers on a single host. However, as the number of virtual instances per device grows, the complexity of managing them increases.  

OneConfig’s Multi Tenant SRX Management capability simplifies day-to-day management of VR instances by providing an intuitive interface with separate views of each instance.

Solution Brief - Click to download.

Solution Brief - Click to download.

Administrators can view and manage the host device, and they can view and manage each individual VR instance. OneConfig presents each VR firewall instance as a separate logical service, making it simple to understand and configure. This makes configuration changes to policies, zones and NAT very simple to perform. What was once a highly complex task is now made simple with OneConfig.

OneConfig’s portal is a multi-tenanted web-based solution that does not required Junos skills to use.

On-Premises or cloud

The OneConfig Multi Tenant Firewall solution is delivered as part of an on-premises installation of the OneConfig system, or via our cloud-based platform.

Customer Portal Option

Service Providers also have the option of giving their customers a secure login to the OneConfig portal. 

The portal provides the customer with a real time view of their service. Customers can be given read-only access to view their service, or read-write accounts allowing them to edit their zones and policies.