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Software Distribution

The Software Distribution feature is located in the 'Configuration' tab. Along with the Software Library feature, this allow you to distribute Junos images and VNF apps to one or many devices.

How to use this feaure...

The Software Distribution feature uses the Software Library feature to distribute Junos images and multi vendor VNF apps (to NFX devices). Place your images on a local FTP server then add them to the Software Library as follows:

Once the images are added to the Software Library they become available for the Software Distribution feature to use. (For instructions on finding your image's checksum value, please refer to

To distribute images to devices, first select the image from the library drop-down menu, then the type of distribution you require (copy, upgrade, upgrade and reboot). Select the device(s) that you want the software distributed to, then click 'run'.

The progress of the distribution process is displayed in the status area. When the process is complete an on-screen report is shown, including an option to generate a PDF report.

The report details the distribution to all selected devices.