Using OneConfig

Is there anything I need to download to use OneConfig?

No. As a user of OneConfig you just need a web browser. 

Does OneConfig store my device configuration data?

No. Your devices are authoritative and hold the configuration. The OneConfig system simply queries the devices and presents the current configuration information for you to then be able to modify. OneConfig then issues the change to the device where the configuration is saved.

Do I need any settings on my devices to support OneConfig?

When you add your Juniper device to the OneConfig device manager you will be given the settings required to get it talking to the server. There are just a few lines of configuration to add and then you can start using the OneConfig system to provision the device. Full instructions on how to add your device are included in the quick start guide.

Do my admin users need a login to each of our devices?

No. With your login to the OneConfig web application you can simplify your change management process. Your users will be able to make changes to all the devices under your company's OneConfig service.

Does OneConfig work for devices behind NAT?

Yes. The communication between the managed device and the OneConfig system is initiated by the device. In the case where the device is behind NAT, such as a firewall or broadband router, the communication is translated from the managed device toward OneConfig's system on the internet.

What devices does OneConfig support?

OneConfig supports the following devices: All Juniper branch and High end devices , vSRX, NFX and QFX devices.

Does OneConfig require any additional software or agent to run?

No. OneConfig will work with the built in features of Junos, no need to add anything.

Does OneConfig support IPv6 configuration? 

Not yet. We are looking to add support for IPv6 in the near future.

Does OneConfig support IPSec VPN configuration? 

We do not yet support being able to create, monitor or modify IPSec VPNs (route or policy based). Route based VPNs will continue to work on your device and you can use other OneConfig features. However, we do not recommend using OneConfig to manage security policy for devices with Policy based VPNs .

Can I provision my Cisco devices with OneConfig?


Can I import my Juniper ScreenOS configuration to use with my SRX in OneConfig?

No. However, there is a tool provided by Juniper to convert ScreenOS to Junos configurations.  

What version of Junos does my device need?"

Any Junos version above 10.0. We've tested the system with all major releases of 10.x, 11.x, 12.x and 13.x

How do I remove my device from OneConfig?

In the OneConfig dashboard you click "edit" for the device you wish to remove. In the pop up window click the "delete device" button. You should also remove the Junos configuration from your device in order to stop it from attempting to reconnect to our system.

How long do configuration changes take?

When you make a change to your device through OneConfig we send the updates to your device immediately via our secured channel. The device is then in control, validating the change and doing a "commit". Depending on the model of Juniper switch or firewall this could take from a few seconds to 30-40 seconds on slower devices (such as the smaller SRX).

Can I make manual changes to my devices? 

Yes. As your device remains the authoritative configuration you can make changes and OneConfig system will work along side them the next time you login.

What web browsers does OneConfig support?

Currently we test OneConfig with the latest releases of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer version 8 or above.


Signing in

'Organisation already exists' when I create account, what do I do? 

Please contact



HOW do i subscribe to OneConfig?

Contact your Juniper Partner. If they can't assist contact us at

How long does it take to activate my account once i've subscribed?

We will setup your organisation within one business day, usually within an hour of receiving the order.