On-Premises Platform Options

The OneConfig cloud management system is also available as an on-premises solution. The system can be installed on private infrastructure or a nominated cloud infrastructure provider, such as AWS. On-Premises solutions enable customers to place their own branding on the solution. On-Premises platforms are fully managed by the OneConfig Operations Team.

This information highlights the typical installation requirements. Please contact us to discuss further. 

Virtual machine requirements


1 x VM, with:

  • CPU: 4 vCPU
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 120-200 GB

2 x VM, with:

  • CPU: 2 vCPU
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 120-200 GB

Optional Syslog and Database Node for larger environments

1 x VM per Node, with:

  • CPU: 2 vCPU
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 120-200 GB


  • Each VM requires a connection to the network for user -> application, device -> application and OneConfig-Ops -> VM.
  • Typical deployments require a public address for each VM
  •  Other network infrastructure/architecture is up to the service provider e.g. all server VM's in a private network behind a firewall or all seperate servers.
  • OneConfig's Ops servers connect to the virtual machines to provide monitoring, administration and updates. This connectivity can be direct to the public IP and restricted to OneConfig's OPS subnets, or can be connected via an IPSEC tunnel. 


  • All VMs are Ubuntu 14.04.5 x64
  • Once VMs are ready, OneConfig takes care of installation of OneConfig application + setup in the OneConfig on-premises monitoring system.
  • OS level security updates are taken care of by OneConfig Operations Team.
  • OneConfig application updates are automatically pushed out to the system by OneConfig Operations Team.