When you delete a device from the OneConfig system we do attempt to remove the configuration from the device (if the device is still connected to OneConfig).

You may also need to manually remove the device configuration that was being used to connect to our system.

Firstly, we should go in to configuration mode and check the name of the setup configured. Here is an example:

user@host> configure 
Entering configuration mode

user@host# show system services outbound-ssh
client oneconfig {
device-id srx1-exampleco;
secret "$9$
keep-alive {
retry 3;
timeout 5;
services netconf;
my.oneconfig.com {
port 4087;
retry 1000;
timeout 60;

The above shows that there is a client called "oneconfig", which is the default. We can now delete it and then commit the configuration.

user@host# delete system services outbound-ssh client oneconfig-ncd01 

[edit] user@host# delete system services outbound-ssh client oneconfig-ncd02

user@host# commit and-quit 
commit complete
Exiting configuration mode

The exact name of the client may vary depending on your OneConfig setup. Please check the existing configuration.