If you've added your device to OneConfig and it is not showing online there are a few things we can check to ensure that the path from your device to OneConfig is ok.

- Can your device connect to the "outside world"? Try a ping to something like

- Does your device have DNS to resolve the OneConfig hosts, or static host mappings? See this article for more info.

- Can your device connect to OneConfig's connector servers using TCP port 4087?

This last one is where it is a bit more involved to troubleshoot and track down what could be causing the issue. Occasionally there is a firewall filtering along the path that might block port 4087 traffic. You may need to get that allowed through by the firewall.

To check the connection, use the Telnet tool on the Junos device with some specific options to get it to simulate the connection on port 4087.

Here is an example of a test that fails. This shows the Junos device can not make a connection to OneConfig on port 4087 and requires further investigation about the traffic being blocked.

lab@SRX2> telnet ncd01.oneconfig.com port 4087
telnet: connect to address Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host


Here is an example of what the test looks like when it is successful.

lab@SRX2> telnet ncd01.oneconfig.com port 4087

Connected to ncd01.oneconfig.com.
Escape character is '^]'.


Of course, we're here to help if you need any assistance. Just drop us a line - support@oneconfig.com