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Case Study: Zettagrid Managed Network Services

Perth-based Zettagrid deliver Australia’s most advanced self service cloud computing platform with full network integration to provide the easiest, fastest and most highly available cloud available, anywhere. In 2015 they expected to grow rapidly as they tapped into the exploding managed services market.

Business Challenge

However Zettagrid’s managed network growth was threatened by the availability and cost of specialist Juniper qualified engineers to run its network operations centre.
“We standardised on Juniper Networks SRX for customer premises equipment (CPE) for its technical excellence and stability.” said Zettagrid’s Network Manager Simon Dixon.
“Our Juniper fleet was expanding at 25% per year and so was demand for Senior Engineers’ time – it wasn’t commercially scalable.” reported Dixon. “We had to find a way to reduce costs and the need for specialist labour without compromising Service Delivery.” he continued.

The Solution

So when Zettagrid were introduced to OneConfig’s SaaS based Juniper Management platform they decided to take a closer look.
OneConfig’s Technical Director Martyn Lomax recalls, “We deployed OneConfig in a limited test and within minutes Zettagrid’s Junior Engineers were running 80% of the tasks previously requiring Senior Engineers’ attention.”
Zettagrid created a Business Case to fully deploy OneConfig for Juniper SRX devices throughout its customer base, achieving cost recovery within 3 months and savings upwards of $50,000 per year thereafter.  “OneConfig solved our skills and cost issues in one hit – plus we’re able to keep the senior guys happy doing the more complex stuff they enjoy instead of low level tasks.” Dixon commented.

Business Results

Along with operational cost savings, customer service has also benefited. Before using OneConfig, customer requests for simple service updates were logged, ticketed and queued for Senior Engineers to action. Now they are done immediately while the customer is on the phone - the customer is delighted and the Junior Engineers are empowered.